Why Choose Us?

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities any of us engage in on a daily basis; so isn’t it worth careful consideration?  Choosing the right driving school is a serious, and potentially life-saving, decision.

That said, you should shop around. Any professional driving course should be clearly laid out to help you judge which is best.  We are confident that an honest evaluation of what we have to offer, as opposed to other schools, will leave you with no doubts.

At Atlantic Driving Academy we use a CPS (Classroom Performance System) throughout the class time to enhance interactivity, retention and maintain quality control.  We are the only school, Canada-wide, that can guarantee exposure to any weather condition, any day, any time, any season – regardless of when you take training.  We offer the only Novice Driver Training program in Canada that provides simulator training before students go live in the car.

Our professional instructors are trained on our exclusive Instructor Training course that is longer and far more demanding than what the province requires.  We voluntarily strive to meet such excelling standards, believing our clients deserve no less than the best!  Don’t take it from us, talk to students we have trained or come and check us out for yourself.  All our locations are professional classrooms with state-of-the-art equipment.  Remember, you’re in the driver’s seat on choosing a driving school, let it be ours!  You’ll drive away with skills that could save your life and with satisfaction that’s second to none!