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Full Programs


Blended Learning with Theory and In-Vehicle Training


Vehicle Handling and Parking


City Driving Strategies


Freeway and Highway Driving


Road testing at ServiceNB when ready


Certification for Insurance Discounts


Novice Driving Program

Our most popular training program! 


  • ELearning Theory
  • 5 hours of In-Person Classroom
  • 10 Hours of Private In-Car Instruction

Instruction and the use of the car for testing at ServiceNB when assessed as ready.


$859 +HST


Plus Driving Program

It provides more flexibility to review items and practice for a few extra hours with one of our professionals. 

  • ELearning Theory
  • 5 hours of In-Person Classroom
  • 14 hours of Private In-car Instruction

Testing arrangements will be made when ready.

$1095 +HST


Premium Training Program

For those who intend to receive the majority of teaching & practice with their instructor. As in the other packages, testing is provided when ready.

  • ELearning Theory
  • 5 hours of In-Person Classroom
  • 20 hours of Private In-car Instruction 

$1409 +HST


our instructors are there to help you all the way to your license


is our priority always


after 35 years in business you can trust your management team

WHat our Students & Parents are Saying…

“Wow! I never thought I would learn so much from this program! So so so glad I took it. The instructors are amazing, and my confidence is through the roof! I will definitely make sure all 3 of my children go through this program. Thank you so much for being there Atlantic Driving Academy. You don’t know how much this means to me and my little ones. “

Tiffany, Moncton

“Just wanted to thank the Atlantic Driving Academy team especially Peter who helped me pass my test and was supporting me all the way. This is a great milestone for me and my family and we really appreciate you all for supporting me to achieve this. Now you can focus on my wife, who starts lessons with Peter next week. “


“I would like to say big thanks for my teacher Mike. I could not ask for a better teacher for me. Even my english is not so good, he always has been very kind to me and I feel very confident after this driving course with instructor! It is great, that your school has such a teacher who loves what he is doing that much.”

Irina, Moncton


I am happy to inform you that I successfully passed the road test that was scheduled for me today on the first attempt. Looking forward to your services in future as well when my daughter grows up and my wife is ready for her test.

Rohit, Saint John

I just wanted to thank the staff in the Saint John location for helping my girls get their licenses. My first took the course about 3 years ago and the second took the course just last month. Both did their driving with Peter. The staff that we encountered from the office to the car were awesome! Thank you so much for helping my girls achieve this milestone.

Karen, Saint John

Individual lessons and packages

These lessons are intended for drivers with experience who are looking to upgrade their existing skills for variety of reasons :


Preparation for an upcoming road test


Refresher Lessons for Licensed Drivers


New residents who want to become familiar with the area and possible testing


Assessments for our Senior licensed drivers


Winter Driving

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure to obtain a learners permit (7-1 license)?

All new drivers must pass their 7-1 written test at ServiceNB in order to legally drive a car with one other fully licensed driver (class 5).  You’ll need this to do your lessons with your instructor and to be able to practice with friends/family in between each session while you are training.

You can book an in-person appointment by calling 1-888-762-8600.  ServiceNB now offers the test online which has made it much easier to get the process started. Visit www.snb.ca for more details or https://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/departments/public-safety/community_safety/content/drivers_vehicles/content/driving_rules.html 

What do I need to study to prepare for the 7-1 written test?
Can I begin the driver training program before I have obtained my learners permit (7-1 license)?

You can begin your ELearning Theory at anytime. Where it is done independently, it gives you the flexibility to do the online studies at your convenience and at your own pace. The program is a series of modules with testing throughout to ensure your understanding of each item, with final exams at the end. It is helpful if you are also studying for your 7-1 written test at the same time. Our theory is different and designed to help prepare you for your lessons with your instructor. Having a good foundation of the basic rules of the road is a benefit.

If you want to get a jump start, you can also start your program theory 60 days before your 16th birthday.

What is the average length of time it takes to complete the Full ELearning Program?

The theory portion of the program can be finished as quickly as you like. Some students finish in a few days while others take a couple of months. Do what will help you to learn best.

Once the driving begins, the average completion time for the majority of lessons is a minimum of 2-3 months.  The Department of Motor Vehicles requires that new drivers must have a permit for a minimum of eight months, before the drivers’ test is permitted. New drivers need the knowledge at the start of the eight months, so that they can practice safely over that time until they assessed ready and are eligible for a drivers test. For our customers with older permits & demonstrating good skill development, we may be able to accelerate the process but subject to availability.


What is the procedure to obtain a Beginners License/Learners Permit?

Click on the SNB link below for full procedures:

Rules for New Drivers

How do I book my Drivers Test?

For students registered in the Full program, once your instructor assesses you as ready for your license, our office will arrange for your exam at ServiceNB. Be sure to follow your instructor’s recommendations for practice in between each of your lessons so we can keep everything on track for you.


How do I save on my insurance?

If you are a newly licensed driver, successful completion of the full driving program gives you a perfect driving record and therefore better rates. Without training it takes years to earn your driving record and get better pricing. For more details you should consult directly with your insurance company/broker.

Note*** Individual lessons will not qualify for insurance discounts only a full training program.

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