Congratulations on taking your first step toward learning to drive! Our full training programs are a blend of theory (online and in person) and in-vehicle services. Any driver will greatly benefit from our professional instruction in all aspects of driving. We want you to be the best possible driver you can be and avoid collisions at all costs.

To get started you’ll begin with online theory….

Our Full Program Theory (part online and part in person): You can start the online portion of the program with or without having written your 7-1 test at ServiceNB. The Driver’s Handbook has all the information you need to prepare for that exam:

Our online theory adds to your existing knowledge to better prepare you for your in-vehicle lessons, and it will give you added information that you will need as a new driver.

The online theory allows you to start your program at any time and because you are doing it independently, it gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace. It can be completed on any device including a tablet or cellphone (with the download of the Moodle App).

The curriculum is user friendly, easy to follow and designed to help prepare you for your in-vehicle lessons. The program is a series of units and blocks with exercises, small quizzes throughout to ensure your understanding of the content. It is important to be able to take that knowledge and apply it during the driving portion of your program. The online portion must be completed in order to begin your in-vehicle lessons. You will also be required to attend a 5 hour in-person theory session to ensure your understanding of what you have learned.

In-Person Theory (5hrs) – As you are working your way through your online studies, (or perhaps you’ve already started your in-vehicle driving) you will need to join us for an in-person classroom session. This session is a mandatory part of your training for certification. We will review the more difficult concepts of learning to drive, answer your questions and you’ll complete your final exams in person. You can begin driving without having attended this session, but it must be completed prior to testing at ServiceNB and before we issue you completion certificate. Please refer to the registration page for available dates and location.

If you’re waiting for your 16th birthday to start your driver training, you can begin theory 60 days before your birthday. Be sure to also be studying the Driver’s Handbook in conjunction with our theory so that you can do your 7-1 written test at SNB on your birthday or shortly thereafter.

When you’re ready to start your driving…

Let us know when you have obtained your 7-1 license and when you’re ready to start your in car lessons.

In-Vehicle Lessons: All in car training is one-on-one, just you and your instructor, using the Atlantic Driving Academy car. We pick up at home, school or work within most areas of the city (with some exceptions). There is a lot of information to be taught so we try to avoid straight line driving, keeping your driving close to locations where you will gain the most exposure and experience.


We know that every driver will have a different level of experience when they join us. Some have never been in the driver’s seat before, while others have been driving in all types of situations for years. Driving is a hands-on skill and practice with a friend or a family member in between each training session is extremely important.  New drivers are required to prepare for licensing over a minimum of 8 months so it gives you lots of time to prepare and gain experience. Your instructor will introduce new skills each lesson and as you are improving, be sure to follow their recommendations for your practice.

Practice is the key to your success!

Our instructors are highly qualified to teach you:

  • Vehicle Handling
  • Parking skills
  • Co-Operative Driving Techniques
  • Freeway/Highway Driving
  • Emergency Maneuvers behind the wheel
  • City Driving Strategies
  • Risk Perception
  • Running Commentary
  • Handling Adverse Conditions
  • Distractive Driving
  • Night Driving (with exception during summer)
  • Use of a car for your Road test when assessed ready for licensing.

Full Training Program: $859 plus tax includes Full Online Learning Program, 5 hours In-Person Classroom, 10 hours of on-road instruction and the use of the car for testing at ServiceNB when assessed as ready.

Plus Training Program: $1095 plus tax includes Full Online Learning Program, 5 hours In-Person Classroom, on road instructor of 14 hours. It provides more flexibility to review items and practice for a few extra hours with one of our professionals. Testing arrangements will be made when assessed ready.

Premium Training Program: $1409 plus tax includes Full Online Learning Program, 5 hours In-Person Classroom, 20 hours of in-car instruction for those who intend to receive the majority of teaching & practice with their instructor. As in the other packages, testing is provided when ready.

If you feel that you may have limited opportunity to practice or may not be able to practice at all, you should choose either the “Plus” or “Premium” Program. If you are not certain which program will best suit your needs, give us a call and we can put together a plan for you to ensure your success!


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