Full Driving Programs

Our Full Online Driver Training Programs are a blend of theory and in-vehicle services. With the new norms of today, we have had to change our teaching methods. But the message is the same: Avoid all collisions and be the best driver that you can be! We know car crashes are the #1 killer of our youth, which is why our driving programs make sure our new drivers in New Brunswick are trained professionally in all aspects of driving.


You can choose to start the online portion of the program with or without having written your Beginners Permit Test (7-1 license). New drivers are also eligible to start the theory portion of the program 60 days prior their 16th birthday.

Our Full E-Learning Program allows you the ability to start at any time and the flexibility to study safely at your own pace. You can finish your theory as quickly as you like or take your time. We allow you 60 days access to the online curriculum so you can refer back to it at anytime. It can be done on any any device including a tablet or cellphone (with the download of the Moodle App).

The E-Learning Curriculum is user friendly, easy to follow and designed to help prepare students for their in-vehicle lessons. The program is a series of sections and modules, with small quizzes throughout to ensure understanding of the content. It is important to be able to take that knowledge and apply it during the practical driving portion of the program. When the computer work is complete and you have obtained your 7-1 license, then you can begin the driving portion of the program. We are committed to the continued improvement of our E-Learning services.

In-Vehicle lessons:

In-vehicle lessons are private using our vehicle for training. We pick up at home, school or work within most areas of the city (with exceptions). There is a lot of information to be taught so we try to avoid straight line driving, whenever possible, and keep our new driver close to where they will gain the most exposure and experience.

All instructors are highly qualified. As industry leaders, they receive continuous retraining and meet standards beyond provincial requirements.

You will be learning skills like:
Vehicle Handling & Parking
Co-Operative Driving Techniques
Freeway/Highway Driving
Emergency Maneuvers behind the wheel
City Driving Strategies
Risk Perception
Running Commentary
Distractive & Night Driving (with exception during summer)
Use of the car for your Road test when assessed ready for licensing.

Every new driver will have a different level of experience when they join us. Some have never sat in the drivers seat before, while others have been driving in all types of situations for years. In either circumstance, practice of skills between each lesson is important. New drivers are required to prepare for licensing over a minimum of 8 months. Your instructor will introduce skills and then you can reinforce with practice on your own.

If you feel that you may have limited opportunity to practice, you can consider choosing a program that will offer you more on road time.

E-Learning Novice Driving Program: $799 plus tax includes 10 hours of on-road instruction and the use of the car for testing at ServiceNB when assessed as ready.

E-Learning Plus Driving Program: $1035 plus tax includes in-car instruction of 14 hours. It provides more flexibility to review items and practice for a few extra hours with one of our professionals. Testing arrangements will be made when ready.

E-Learning Premium Training Program: $1349 plus tax for 20 hours of in-car instruction for those who intend to receive the majority of teaching & practice with their instructor. As in the other packages, testing is provided when ready.

If you are not certain which program will best suit your needs, give us a call and we can put together a plan for you to ensure your success! 1-888-374-8393

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