Q. Can I sign up for training if I am in the middle of getting my license?

A. The course can be initiated at any time. Our emphasis is on increasing decision making skills in a multitude of traffic and environmental conditions. This course holds considerable value to the licensed as well as the novice driver.

Q. Where are classes held?

A. We have classroom locations across the province although currently closed for in person sessions. Our Full ELearning Program gives everyone the easiest and safest way to receive your driver training at this time.

Q. Where do I write my Beginners license (7-1 written test)?

A. : All testing is done through ServiceNB. Phone toll free 1-888-762-8600 to schedule an in person appointment at your nearest office. They also provide testing online which make the process much more convenient.


Q. What do I need to study to obtain a Beginners License/Learners Permit?

A. The Drivers Handbook has it all.


Q. Can I begin the driver training program before I have obtained my permit?

A. Yes, you can begin the Elearning theory without a beginners licence. You must have your permit prior to starting in-car lessons.

Q. What is the average length of time it takes to complete the full program?

A. The average completion time for the majority of lessons is approximately 2-3 months from the time your driving begins. The Department of Motor Vehicles requires that new drivers must have a permit for a minimum of eight months, before the Drivers Test is permitted. Students need the knowledge at the start of the eight months, so that they can practice safely until they are eligible for a drivers test. The remainder of the course is completed just prior to the Drivers Examination at SNB. For our customers with older permits & previous driving experience, we may be able to speed up the licensing process for those demonstrating good skill development, subject to availability.

Q. How do I book my Drivers Test?

A. Your Drivers Test is included in your Training Course, once the instructor assesses the student for testing. We will schedule the examination at SNB on your behalf.