Car Crashes can cost corporations millions of dollars each year. Atlantic Driving Academy will customize a program to suit your needs whether it is a simple evaluation upon hiring a new employee, or a providing a proactive approach to driving safety for employees who are most at risk. We can provide training to suit your organization’s safe driving strategies, from Conference Safety Seminars to annual class & in vehicle reviews.

– Defensive Driving Techniques/Strategies: Collision Analysis
– Freeway/Highway Driving
– Emergency Maneuvers: emergency braking & steering techniques
gravel shoulder recovery & head-on collision avoidance
– Winter Driving: skid control, front vs rear wheel drive, winter preparation handling adverse conditions

In-Vehicle Training:
A variety of options are available for individual private in car training and review of skills as a follow up to any one of our classroom training modules. Most frequently reviewed skills include:

– City Driving strategies
– Safe backing and parking skills
– Emergency Maneuvers

Our Advanced Commercial Driver Improvement Program, is the most popular. It combines theory & private in-vehicle training for every participant. Reports are made available to all Employers. As training needs, and possible loss ratios, are different for every employer, our training is built to accommodate corporate objectives.

Please contact our office for program details at 1-888-374-8393 or send us an email at info@atlanticdrivingacademy.com