Driving Simulator

***Due to Covid-19 Restrictions, full classroom programs, that include simulation training and group teaching, are temporarily suspended. For the foreseeable future, we are recommending our Full E-Learning Training Programs. You complete your theory online at your own pace and your private driving lessons will take place when we are cleared to reopen for in car services.
Registrations can be done through our website store.

Our Interactive Driving Simulator

Our driving school is equipped with state-of-the-art driving simulators in each of our locations. All skills taught in our classroom are reinforced in our driving simulator and then again when students schedule in the car for their lessons with a professional instructor.

Why Does Training in a Driving Simulator Make Sense?

The aerospace industry will not allow pilots to fly an aircraft without flight simulator training first. The simulator enables us to teach night during the summer months, when the days are long. Winter driving in July? Black ice is replicated for every student through simulation during their classroom training.

Students are given the opportunity to experience a variety of scenarios, including fog, rain, high winds or large animals. No matter the level of previous driving experience a student may have, the simulator is a challenge. Tire blowouts on the highway at 100 kms per hour are definitely better experienced in the safe learning environment the driving simulator provides.

Distractions such as cell phones and coffee cups are also best experienced on the driving simulator, before students experience real-life distractions while driving on a busy downtown street.

It is interactive & a very useful tool in the classroom. It gives perspective to the in car training which follows the classroom portion.