Course Outlines & Fees

Every new driver will have different levels of experience when they join us. Some have never sat in the drivers seat before, while others have been driving for years, in all types of situations. In either circumstance, practice of all newly learned skills, in between each lesson, is important. If you’re not certain which course will best suit your needs, give us a call and we can put together a plan for you to ensure your success! 1-888-374-8393

Part 1: All Courses include:

25 hours of Classroom Theory
Training Manual
Driving Simulation*
Classroom Performance System*
Vehicle Handling & Parking
Co-Operative Driving Techniques
Freeway/Highway Driving
Emergency Maneuvers
City Driving Strategies
Risk perception
Running Commentary
Night & Distractive Driving
Government Certificate for Full Insurance Discounts
Use of our car for your SNB Drivers test when eligible and ready.

Part 2: Choose your In-Vehicle Training Package

Novice Driver Training Course: Our most popular course designed for new drivers are able to obtain the recommended practice between lessons. This course includes 10.5 hours of in-vehicle training.

Novice Plus Training Course: More in-car instruction is provided in this 14.5 lesson package. It provides more flexibility to review items and practice for a few extra hours with one of our professionals.

Novice Premium Training Course: 20.5 hours of in-car instruction is provided for those who intend to receive the majority of teaching & tutoring with an instructor

Course Fees: Click Here,then choose your classroom for pricing in your local area.

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