Corporate & Professional

Corporate Driving Program
Atlantic Driving Academy can help you with our corporate driving program is an essential element of your fleet management system. Your personnel will not only get the theory behind advance defensive driving techniques; they will be able to put it into practice in vehicle. Retaining what they learn will translate into safer and less costly drivers behind the wheel of your corporate vehicles.

Advanced Driver Improvement
Our Advanced Driver Improvement Programs increase your skills to handle every-day, adverse weather, and emergency driving conditions. We emphasize building your skills for predictive driving. Unlike skid schools that focus on maintaining control of a vehicle in emergency conditions, we emphasize positive driving skills to avoid most emergency situations. A component of our program does provide the skills for vehicle control in emergency situations, should an unfortunate situation arise.

They can combine components of theory, computer based instruction and in vehicle hands on training. Our programs can be customized based on an organizations safety policies. In Vehicle review is designed to reinforce learning objectives of the theoretical content.

Please contact us to discuss and create your corporate training plan.